The JSA Audit team are very professional, very customer focused and most importantly very knowledgeable in their field. They provide very satisfactory services to both of our not for profit entities. Our organisation always relies on their expert opinion and advice. JSA Audit fees are very reasonable compared to their proficiency. The best Auditors we have ever had.

– Rita Patel



“JSA Audit have provided auditing services to the two gaming machine societies I am involved with – Four Winds Foundation Ltd. (since 2008) and Mt. Wellington Foundation Ltd. (since 2004). As gaming machine societies have a very tight timeframe for audit completion due to relicensing requirements, timeliness of audit completion is of importance and we have found that JSA Audit have always been most able to assists our companies to achieve that aim. I have found John Alexander and Mark Bezuidenhout proficient, easy to deal with and capable in assisting both companies with any accounting advice required to assist in the finalisation of accounts during the audit. I am only too happy to recommend their services for small to medium sized audits.”

– Parker Joyce



“I came to the realisation when auditing became increasingly regulated that it is no longer practical for smaller practices to be both accountant and auditor and do both roles the justice they deserve. I therefore decided that my practice was to be an accounting practive and I set about looking for a good audit practice whose principals demonstrated common sense and commercial awarenes while also being thorough, down to earth, reasonbly priced and easy to deal with. I decided to partner with JSA Audit and am pleased to say they tick all the boxes and those of my clients requiring audits.”

– Paul Martin



“It has been my pleasure to work with Mark Bezuidenhout and the JSA Audit team since the firm started in 2006. During this time, our business has grown significantly, so it has been a great support to our Board and Finance Team to know that Mark and John are always available to support our organisation through the complexities growth and change bring. We pride ourselves on being structured and having transparent accounts, so unlike many companies or organisations, we welcome having our Auditors onsite – this team are friendly, efficient and actually understand our business, so I would never have any hesitation in recommending JSA Audit to other businesses or charities.”

– Sue Taylor