For Accountants

Are you currently only dabbling in audits and have practice review looming?

Think audit clients

Has practice review changed the way you do things?

Think audit risk

Are you unable to carry out audit and assurance engagements to current auditing standards?

Think peace of mind

Is your PI cover too high because of your small audit presence?

JSA Audit Limited currently works alongside a number of accountancy practices in Auckland to carry out audits for their clients. We are a cost effective and personable resource. Two of our team can come out and meet with you to discuss ways that we can help provide audit services and to give you peace of mind without compromising your current practice standards.a

Are you struggling to find the resources to carry out audit work?

Think practice review

Are you unable to carry out audit and assurance engagements to current Audit standards?

Think peace of mind

Are you unhappy with the levels of risk you carry with your audit portfolio?

Think JSA audit

Are you close to retirement and want to transfer some of your audit clients?

We realise that you develop quite a rapport with your clients over the years. You may not wish to transfer your audit clients to anyone. We are quite prepared to meet with you and develop your existing relationship to ensure client satisfaction is maintained on transfer of any audit.

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